Do Not Rent Your Home to David Peritz

David Peritz, a Professor of Political Science currently on leave from Sarah Lawrence College in New York, is using a loophole in California tenancy laws that give tenants ‘residency status’ and a legal right to stay long-term in your home after 30 days.

David Peritz and his partner, Angelia K. Means, have been evicted several times recently for the same activity in the Bay Area in California. He has been served a legal notices to vacate, but refuses to acknowledge this or move out. He also refuses to pay any rent. David Peritz is currently staying rent-free in people’s homes. See a recent court record from Alameda County where David Peritz was evicted as an “unlawful detainee.” below…

If David Peritz contacts you about renting your home stay clear of him!

David Peritz and Angelia K Means have taken advantage of several unsuspecting landlords recently.  It can take anywhere from 3 to 6 months to remedy this bad tenant situation and evict through the court system. Meanwhile the tenant lives rent free.

David Peritz’s credentials as a professor seem impressive, but that is where your troubles will begin.
Do not rent your home to David Peritz or Angelia Means.

David-Peritz-Serial- Evictee