David Peritz – background check

David-Peritz-Serial- Evictee
If renting your home in California through craigslist, AirBnb, SabbaticalHomes.com or many of the online home rental portals, be aware that you may be contacted by ‘serial evictee’ David Peritz and his wife Angelia K Means. Do not rent your home to David Peritz or Angelia K Means.
They have been using a loophole in lax California tenancy laws that allow tenants to obtain resident status after 30 days. David Peritz is currently being evicted from his latest rent-free home where he has refused to comply with the lease or make rental payments.

David Peritz has a long record of financial mis-deeds going back over 10 years. See below.
Do not rent your home to David Peritz. He is using his credentials as a Political Science Professor at Sarah Lawrence College as a smokescreen for naive or trusting landlords.

Click to see a list of David Peritz’s financial mis-deeds